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Score Keeper!

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****iOS 5 player selection problem: FIXED! Get back to watching your game shows tonight with your score keeper!

Score Keeper is here! Have you ever been watching game shows, sporting events, or playing games while keeping track of scores with pencil and paper? Now with this 4 player app you can keep track of questions answered, dollar values earned, points earned, make wagers, and Top Player Scores!

Sometimes it’s just nice to see who got more questions correct Vs. just the most points! Well NOW you can!

- iPad Ready!!!

* Runnings Champion!
* Week session of score keeping!
*** Last session scores saved to try to top!
* Top 3 Running Champions!
** Top 3 Session Champions!
*** Top 3 Best Day Champions!

- Control whether your screen goes to sleep or stays awake!
- Change between Money and Points!
- Change score values for all 10 Buttons!
- Including Plus and Minus values for correct/wrong answers.
- Total of 20 different possible scoring values!
- Up to 4 Players.
- Scores save on each selection. No need to be afraid to reply to a text or answer a call ever again!


****This app is designed for those who want to keep score while following events, shows, games, or anything you can think of! This IS NOT A GAME WITH QUESTIONS TO ANSWER****

Please take this app as a small app to enjoy with friends and family. Any additions you would like please feel free to leave your comments of to adjustments to

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